The Laboratory for AI-Powered Financial Technologies Limited (AIFT) is a Hong Kong registered limited company providing transformative analytics solutions for the financial services industry across the Asia-Pacific region established in March 2020, and admitted to InnoHK Research Clusters in December 2021. AIFT is committed to conducting pioneering research, attracting the brightest talents, realizing visionary concepts, and providing the best business solutions for future financial services.


We collaborate with leading research institutes, academia and industry experts on financial technologies research and disseminating findings. Our R&D combines artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain technology with modern financial tools. We work in the areas of micro-lending, production and supply chain financing, capital markets, banking, and regulatory technology. Check our Research section.

Talent Training

We aim to nurture and inspire students to develop practical skills and contribute to the Fintech ecosystem. As a young company we provide opportunities for careers to grow, whilst developing practical skills in our people. We are internationally connected, working across conventional boundaries to facilitate open innovations for the greater good of society. Check our Careers section.

Fintech innovations support

We provide incubation and acceleration of Fintech applications in Hong Kong and overseas by collaborating with researchers, venture capital, and financial institutions to facilitate open innovations.