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Derivative Strategy Builder and Backtesting Tool

Derivative Strategy Builder and Backtesting Tool provides a graphical platform for creating custom options portfolios. Based on high frequency data from backend, investment portfolios can undergo strategy validation against historical data, including US stocks, Hong Kong stocks and A-shares.

Web3 Commercial Solutions

Taking into account the industry pain points of Web3, combined with the research accumulation of academic tokenomics and industry data analysis experience, we provide one-stop services from data infrastructure construction to data analysis reports. Everyone can become a participant in Web3 and benefit from technological development.

Supply Chain Finance Solutions

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AIFT provides a platform as a business ecosystem for stakeholders in the value chain of cross-border e-commerce finance, including banks, logistics firms and payment firms.  The sales proceeds in this e-commerce platform and cash deposits in payment-service channels are used as assignment of account-receivable and margin deposits respectively. 

AI China Bond 

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AI China Bond Project aims to combine AI algorithms and data, both traditional and alternative, to gain significant improvements in three key areas of China bond markets: credit rating, valuation, and risk management. At this stage it focuses on China onshore markets and covers 8000+ Chinese bonds. From haircut estimations to early warning systems that are triggered by high default risks, this project provides a comprehensive investing toolkit for successful investing in the growing China bond market. 

Investment Intelligence 

Our flagship investment application provides value-adding information to assist investors in making investment decisions in the secondary market across global stock markets and alternative assets. The application utilizes big data and cutting-edge academic research to provide a comprehensive investment toolkit, including market risk monitoring, portfolio management and risk estimation, asset allocation, sector rotation, pattern recognition and a customizable backtesting engine.