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Fintech careers open up for Hong Kong graduates

A recently launched Fintech start-up set in the vibrant Hong Kong Sciences Park is proving a big hit with Hong Kong graduates. Working alongside expert academic and industry professionals, young talent is getting a head start in cutting-edge finance.

The Laboratory for AI-Powered Financial Technologies Limited (AIFT), co-founded by the City University of Hong Kong and Columbia University, New York, and headed up by Professor Houmin Yan of CityU, is providing multiple opportunities for young and ambitious graduates.

“Thanks to Professor Yan, I was offered an opportunity to do an internship at AIFT in August,” says recent graduate Emma Cai.

“My main work here is to explore the mainland money flow as a whole and its effect on the Hong Kong stock market and to develop a good trading strategy.”

Working with the support of Dr Cong Wang, Emma has developed multiple strategies in the project whilst improving her research abilities.

“I have been given a lot of opportunities to practice my python skills, and also learn a lot about the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect and the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect. Data collection, data analysis, and data visualization are three important parts of my work.”

Assistant Financial Engineer, Simon Tie, has had a similarly positive start.

The job experience is engaging, multifaceted, and challenging,” he says.

“I am working on an independent Chinese bond rating system where we use machine learning models to provide an accurate rating of Chinese onshore bonds as well as theoretical valuations on credit spreads and liquidity premium.”

“As a start-up company, our team is relatively small, but this leads to more direct engagement with my supervisor and seniors.”

“My work is very multifaceted – I have conducted data engineering, feature engineering, statistical analysis, rating calibrations and more. This has been great at introducing me to the various roles of a fintech company.”

Recently graduated students such as Emma and Simon are flourishing in the state-of-the-art Hong Kong Science and Technology Park in Shatin. This vibrant community in the spectacular setting of Tolo harbour, is attracting students from across Hong Kong. AIFT is recruiting now. (LINK)

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