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InnoEX 2024

AIFT participated in InnoEX 2024 from 13-16 April 2024 and showcased two highlighted solutions at our booth: Supply Chain Finance Solutions and FinExpertGPT.

InnoHK Summit 2023

“InnoHK Summit 2023: From Collaborative Research to Real World Impact” was successfully held at Hong Kong Science Park on 6 Dec 2023


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We collaborate with leading research institutes, academia and industry experts on financial technologies research and disseminating findings. Our R&D combines artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain technology with modern financial tools. We work in the areas of micro-lending, production and supply chain financing, capital markets, banking, and regulatory technology.

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We aim to nurture and inspire students to develop practical skills and contribute to the Fintech ecosystem. As a young company we provide opportunities for careers to grow, whilst developing practical skills in our people. We are internationally connected, working across conventional boundaries to facilitate open innovations for the greater good of society.

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We provide incubation and acceleration of Fintech applications in Hong Kong and overseas by collaborating with researchers, venture capital, and financial institutions to facilitate open innovations.

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Products & Solutions

AIFT is committed to conducting pioneering research, attracting the brightest talents, realizing visionary concepts, and providing the best business solutions for future financial services.

Derivative Strategy Builder and Backtesting Tool
Derivative Strategy Builder and Backtesting Tool
Derivative Strategy Builder and Backtesting Tool provides a graphical platform for creating custom options portfolios. Based on high frequency data from backend, investment portfolios can undergo strategy validation against historical data, including US stocks, Hong Kong stocks and A-shares.
Web3 Commercial Solutions
Web3 Commercial Solutions
Taking into account the industry pain points of Web3, combined with the research accumulation of academic tokenomics and industry data analysis experience, we provide one-stop services from data infrastructure construction to data analysis reports. Everyone can become a participant in Web3 and benefit from technological development.
Supply Chain Finance Solutions
Supply Chain Finance Solutions
AIFT provides a platform as a business ecosystem for stakeholders in the value chain of cross-border e-commerce finance, including banks, logistics firms and payment firms.  The sales proceeds in this e-commerce platform and cash deposits in payment-service channels are used as assignment of account-receivable and margin deposits respectively. 
AI China Bond 
AI China Bond 
AI China Bond Project aims to combine AI algorithms and data, both traditional and alternative, to gain significant improvements in three key areas of China bond markets: credit rating, valuation, and risk management. At this stage it focuses on China onshore markets and covers 8000+ Chinese bonds. From haircut estimations to early warning systems that are triggered by high default risks, this project provides a comprehensive investing toolkit for successful investing in the growing China bond market. 
Investment Intelligence 
Investment Intelligence 
Our flagship investment application provides value-adding information to assist investors in making investment decisions in the secondary market across global stock markets and alternative assets. The application utilizes big data and cutting-edge academic research to provide a comprehensive investment toolkit, including market risk monitoring, portfolio management and risk estimation, asset allocation, sector rotation, pattern recognition and a customizable backtesting engine.  
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Units 1101-1102 & 1121-1123,
Building 19W Science Park West Avenue,
Hong Kong Science Park,
Shatin, Hong Kong

Products & Solutions


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