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Constantine Chung

AI’s New Breakthrough: Segment Anything Model (SAM)

Facebook AI recently introduced a new foundation model for image segmentation called “Segment Anything Model” (SAM). SAM is an advanced AI model that has demonstrated superior performance in segmenting complex and diverse images. The model is a significant breakthrough in the field of computer vision and image segmentation.

人工智能提前來到了嗎? (Chinese Version Only)

In science fiction works, people often imagine that in the future, artificial intelligence will surpass human intelligence and even acquire creative abilities similar to humans. In recent years, the rapid development of artificial intelligence-related technologies seems to constantly suggest that this day may really come. From AlphaGo, which emerged in 2016 and defeated top human Go players, to PaintAI released in the fall of 2022, which allows us to generate various styles of two-dimensional images through several keywords, and now in November 2022, OpenAI has launched ChatGPT, a large language model based on GPT-3.

RLHF Makes Large Language Models Even Smarter

Reinforcement learning is a subfield of machine learning that focuses on learning from trial and error by receiving feedback in the form of rewards or punishments. However, in many real-world scenarios, it can be challenging to design a reward function that accurately reflects the desired behavior of the agent. This is where reinforcement learning with human feedback (RLHF) comes into play.

How the Fall of SVB Impact Hong Kong Tech Firms

Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), a leading bank for startups and venture capitalists, is currently facing a crisis that could have ripple effects throughout the tech industry. The bank, which has been a go-to for tech entrepreneurs seeking financing, has seen its share price plummet and its financial health called into question.