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Ceci Leung

When Large Language Models Meet Advertising: A New Revolution or a Bubble?

Are Large Language Models in Advertising a New Revolution or a Bubble?
Discover how large language models like ChatGPT are reshaping the advertising landscape. Explore their potential to generate personalized content, analyse data, and provide intelligent customer service. Learn about the challenges and future possibilities of this cutting-edge technology, and how it can revolutionize the way businesses connect with their audience.

連連國際與人工智能金融科技實驗室有限公司達成合作意向 (Chinese Version Only)


Web3 Commercial Solutions

Taking into account the industry pain points of Web3, combined with the research accumulation of academic tokenomics and industry data analysis experience, we provide one-stop services from data infrastructure construction to data analysis reports. Everyone can become a participant in Web3 and benefit from technological development.

Tokenomic Model of Friend.Tech Social Platform: A Data-driven Analysis

Friend.Tech social platform emerged as one of the most prominent applications in the SocialFi field in August 2023. The platform provided KOLs with a unique opportunity to tokenize and trade their social influence. We conducted an in-depth analysis of Friend.Tech’s rigid token economy model by combining insights from on-chain data analysis.