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The Laboratory for AI-Powered Financial Technologies is committed to delivering breakthrough research outcomes through AI and data science, and developing them into innovative and marketable products for global financial services industry. By promoting the power of entrepreneurial spirit, it brings the public the best business solutions for future financial technologies and services.

To gather the brightest minds and discover the most innovative ideas, the Lab incorporates talent from diverse backgrounds and expertise globally, focusing on three programmes:

  • An AI-driven Financial Service programme seeks to commercialize research results, which include extracting business value from data that are transferable across behavioral scenarios and developing augmented intelligence to facilitate decision-making in credit and insurance applications.
  • An AI-enhanced Financial Technology programme focuses on wealth management solutions, which utilise advanced ideas in data science, reinforcement learning, interpretable machine learning and deep neural networks, and their applications in asset pricing, investor behaviour, blockchain and token technologies, securitization and asset management, smart contracts and digital currencies.
  • A Social Media Analytics programme aims to develop AI-enabled algorithms for understanding public opinion and collective behaviours from social media big data. Drawing on existing expertise, it detects and predicts social, economic, and international scenarios for trading and investment.

Source from Laboratory for AI-Powered Financial Technologies | InnoHK | Innovation and Technology Commission | Where top-notch innovations create impact

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